MPC8240 EPIC Driver (Attached)

James F Dougherty jfd at GigabitNetworks.COM
Wed Aug 15 16:27:45 EST 2001

Very cool! My MPC8240 board is off for PCI rework, when I get it
back, I will try it out (PCI slot problems with Promise PDC20262).

More later ...


> "Mark A. Greer" wrote:
> > I took a look around and I think I deleted what I had.....
> Attached is a patch that works with Sandpoint X3, adds the new
> serial mode interrupt stuff, and 8245.  You may have to manually
> apply it, but it gets you started.
> It's on my check-in list, but I have higher priority things at
> the moment.  Like Mark said, I would like to see a better OpenPIC
> solution that could also include EPIC and be a little more configurable.
> I was hoping this would have happened by now, as I would have rather
> added to that instead of propagating more hacks.
> 	-- Dan

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