NFS mounting timeout

Frank Przybylski fp at
Mon Aug 13 21:17:17 EST 2001

Hi again,

> I really don't use portmap on the client side. (my rom fs is small)
> But there is possibe to mount and use nfs root fs without portmaper!
> Today I set NFS_MOUNT_NONLM option (kenel doesn't call locked_up()
> /fs/nfs/inode.c), but I'm not sure, that everything will be work OK ?

You could try:
'mount -t nfs /nfs -o nolock' to disable the lockd
accesses. I'm not quite sure about the impacts. At least you can not
rely on file locking anymore... ;-). With this option you should be able
to mount nfs without the portmapper and without recompiling.


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