Strange bootpd behavior (server side)

Ron Flory ron.flory at
Wed Aug 8 07:18:26 EST 2001

Kevin Fry wrote:
> I'm having a small problem with our redhat 6.2 bootp server and maybe
> yous guys can shed some light on it for me.   The problem is that
> whenever our DSL internet connection is down(which is too much.. I wish
> cable was available!), the bootpd stops responding to requests.. I can
> see the requests with tcpdump, but no replys. and when the internet is
> up sometimes is takes a little bit for the bootpd to respond to
> requests.
>     I think it's doing DNS resolution and if it can't find a DNS server
> when the net's down, it just stops working. Does linux automatically do
> name resolution on every address it gets? If so can i turn this off?
>     Our network is behind a DSL modem/router (Flowpoint 2200) acting as
> gateway(, and we have 3 switches after that.
>     A lot of the time the router is finicky with linux even when
> everything is working.. I know this is a bit off topic, but ANY
> suggestions are very welcome.

 it sounds like 'fun with PAM' that causes similar problems with my
TFTP server.  I need to write a simple inetd replacement (sans PAM)
just for TFTP, so we don't get killed by the delays caused by PAM
authorization checks.


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