pci-pci bridge initialisation code

Mark A. Greer mgreer at mvista.com
Fri Aug 3 07:40:40 EST 2001

bhupinder sahran wrote:

> hi all
> i have ported linux on my MPC8240 processor.
> but as i am not having bios kind of stuff so kernek
> should initialise all the peripherals sitting on the
> pci bus.
> i have intigrated the code, but code for mapping the
> pci-pci bridge is not with me.
> so i cam not see the device which are sitting on bus
> after the bridge.
> can anybody tell me where i can get this code.
> thanks in advance
> with king regards

I'm not sure I really understood everything you're trying to say but you can
start looking in mpc10x_common.c for some mpc105/106//107/8240 bridge init
code.  You can look at the sandpoint port for how to use it.  This code should
do most if not all of what you need to do.


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