Coffboot & jffs2

Billalabeitia, Jose Carlos (IndSys, GEPM) jc.billalabeitia at
Thu Aug 2 02:47:40 EST 2001

	Hi everybody:

	I have a PPC860T custom board and it is working
with PPCBoot 0.7.1 and Linux 2.4.4 kernel source

Everything goes fine, but right now I want to use
the flash as a hard-disk through jffs2. The problem
is that I am not able of getting a linux kernel with
coffboot and jffs2 directories, at the same time.

I also have the HardHat 2.0 Journeyman Edition that
comes with jffs2, but it doesn´t have the coffboot
directory, so I can´t create the kernel image to
be booted by PPCBoot. How can I create a kernel
image for the PPCBoot from this distribution ?
Where can I get a linux kernel with these two
features at the same time ?

Thank you


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