SCC character recognition/DMA

Dan Malek dan at
Wed Aug 1 05:17:44 EST 2001

"Pergola, Michael" wrote:

>         The 823e that comes with the Embedded Planet Dev Box
>         has 3 SCCs but one is dedicated to USB while another is
>         used for Ethernet.

Not exactly.  The USB controller is a USB controller.  It is
mapped into the address space of one SCC, and may use some of that
peripheral hardware, but it is not configurable as a SCC.
Since you have the 823e, yes SCC3 can be used.

> .... I guess my real question is, rather then
>         re-invent the code, is there an implementation of the
>         character recognition out there in GPL land?

I believe all the "character recognition" does is either map characters
or terminate buffer operations.  If the device is still used as a uart,
just modify the driver to initialize the characters you want (as it
stores defaults right now).  You can be a little more fancy and add an
ioctl() if you want.  If you want a custom driver that isn't a uart,
then you have to write a new driver.

	-- Dan

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