Compiling and using hhl's glibc

Williams, Kevin M. kevin.m.williams at
Wed Aug 1 01:15:01 EST 2001

>I am getting ready, at long last, to start using glibc on our 603e based
>embedded board. Hitherto, I have not used and of the HHL tools. It does,
>however, look like their glibc has the best patches, so I'd like to give
>it a try.
>My first big question is whether or not all of the needed patched are
>already applied?

IMHO, if you want support for using HHL, you should purchase a MV
subscription.  Everything you get for free is already on their FTP site.

And no...I am not an MV employee.

>What modifications would need be made
>to the specs file to compile against this installed library.

I used --with-libs when I built gcc.


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