Kernel driver debugging

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Fri Apr 27 10:13:45 EST 2001

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> I am looking for the best way to debug kernel modules/drivers.

Get a decent debugger :-)

> In addition we would like to have a way to read registers and other values from
> the hardware as we go forward.

That's one of the basic factions of any BDM/JTAG debugger...

> What is the best solution?

Get yourself a BDI2000.

> I have also read about BDM4GDB and BDI2000.  Is BDI2000 worth the cost?  Are
> there other BDM's for the 405 which work well with Linux?

The BDM4GDB is working only  with  MPC8xx  CPU's  (at  least  in  the
current version). I don't know of any effort to adapt it for the 40x.

And yes, the BDI2000 is worth every single dollar you pay for it.

Feel free to contact me for details...

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