Which evaluation board to buy for MPC82xx ?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Apr 24 17:03:46 EST 2001

In message <3AE4F9AE.B31BFE34 at fiberlogic.com> you wrote:
> I will buy an evaluation board for MPC82xx to run PPCBoot and
> Linux kernel 2.4.3.
> Which board to buy for MPC8260/8255 ?    and

How about the TQM8260 Module and/or Starter Kit?
See http://www.tq-group.de/tqc/tqc_produktdaten_030201.html

Or PM826 module?
See http://www.microsys.de/html/pm826.html

> Which board to buy for MPC8240 ?

How about the CU824 or CU84 boards?
See http://www.microsys.de/html/cu824.html
resp. http://www.microsys.de/html/cpu84.html
[not exaclty eval boards, though].

Feel free to contact me for quotes :-)

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