Who can tell me the detail of boot?

ZHANG,HAI-TAO (A-China,ex1) hai-tao_zhang at agilent.com
Fri Apr 20 19:54:08 EST 2001


You may find some usefule information on CHRP documentation and some
application notes from Motorola. And there are lots of documents introducing
Linux boot process. The vmlinuz file, you can check the linux Makefile for
very detailed information.

I do not think that you will get all you want if you ask so general and big


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> hello all,
> 	I can't understand the detail of boot,(my target borad
> is customed).
> From supply power,CPU reset then run instructs from
> flash,load vmlinuz image
> file to ram,vmlinuz image then do what? And what is the
> combination of of
> vmlinuz image file?
> 	thanks.

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