860 RTC support

Steven Hein ssh at sgi.com
Fri Apr 20 05:59:02 EST 2001

Dan Malek wrote:
> Well, hell.....what I used to do is now considered "userland
> business."  I guess the right thing to do is create a /dev/rtc
> that will manage the MPC8xx RTC.  Sorry I missed this as the
> kernel evolved.
I know this isn't under your control, but......

If this is the case (that setting the RTC is properly done through
/dev/rtc using hwclock, etc.), then doing a "date --set" no longer
sets the RTC, correct?  And it will never cause the RTC to be set?

.....Seems to me that separating the setting of the RTC from setting
the kernel/system time is a Bad Idea.....There's probably more to it
than that, or maybe "date --set" isn't considered a proper way to
manipulate the system clock anymore (maybe it never was   :).

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