Can I use RiscWatch to load ppcboot?

Thu Apr 19 18:17:58 EST 2001


i currently use the riscwatch to load ppcboot into ram and then run it
from there
to do so i changed the start of code segment in board/walnut405/
to a
address in ram eg. 30000.
in include/config_WALNUT405.h i set th flash and monitor base to the same
load ppcboot with 'load file ppcboot',  set iar to the start address, run

hope this helps

p/s: please excuse the message format.

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I am working for walnut 405GP, it has a ROM Monitor and RiscWatch.
now I want to use PPCBoot to overwrite ROM Monitor,
Can I use RiscWatch to load PPCBoot to flash or to ram and run it?

or can I use a kernel with mtd support to finish this?
I have no BDI2000.

Thank you!

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