Possible bug in serial.c?

Paul White pwhite at networkrobots.com
Wed Apr 18 15:04:55 EST 2001

This isn't just for PowerPC, however I thought I'd post it on here since I'm a member
of the list, and figured maybe someone here could fix it and get it rolled into the
main source tree at some point.  That is, if its actually a bug.

In the function early_serial_setup() in drivers/char/serial.c, It sets 'i' to
req->line.  This 'i' value is used as an index into the rs_table[] array.  At the
top of the funnction, it has:

	if (i >= NR_IRQS)

Since 'i' is an index into the rs_table[], shouldn't this be:

	if (i >= NR_PORTS)

This would just seem more appropriate..  Is this a typo/bug?


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