bootloader for deeply embedded 405CR

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Apr 11 07:16:44 EST 2001

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In message <3AD370AA.93F59622 at> you wrote:
> > For the Walnut it should be a simple thing to do:
> >         make WALNUT405_config
> >         make
> I have built a CVS ppcboot as you suggest, however
> it appears to expect being burned into flash
> memory.

Right. That's what most of the people do.

> What I would like to do is GDB-load an ELF ppcboot
> into the Walnut's 32MB SDRAM mapped at address 0,
> then execute it in place. Then I want to GDB load a
> kernel at another higher address, and use ppcboot
> to boot it. Is this already possible or will I have
> to modify Makefiles, linker scripts, and possibly
> code?

You have to modify the link address at least; but most  probably  you
have  to  modify  other  code  as  well - for instance to prevent the
exception handlers to be installed, etc.

Why don't you do what everybody does, and write the image to flash?

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