What init in initrd shold do when booting?

Masahide Tomita tomita at itl.nyc.co.jp
Fri Apr 6 11:24:16 EST 2001


I'm trying to boot Hard Hat Linux on MBX860, and it seems like just kernel worked successfully. But I can't mount any other partition, like hda or sda etc., because (I think) there is no /etc/mtab.
I'm using zImage.initrd made by zvmlinux (kernel) from HHL and sample ramdisk.image.gz in HHL's CDK cdrom combined. And the ramdisk.image.gz contains only few features because of the limitation of ramdisk size (4MB). I can, of course, increase the size of ramdisk, but I would like to mount bigger space for future applications.

So, the real quation is how can I mount regular storage (I mean block devices) from init? What should the init program should do to maount other devices and free the unused memory?

Thanks in advance.

Masahide Tomita

Masahide Tomita
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