kernel support of MPC8XX series

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Mon Apr 2 20:06:40 EST 2001

In message <3AC848EC.92161602 at> you wrote:
> > For us, the majority  of  devices  are  memory  cards  like  SanDisk,
> > CompactFlash  or  IDE  harddisk  adapters.  On  one  side, the PCMCIA
> > package is a lot of overkill here; on the other  side  it  cannot  be
> > used  when  you  want to boot from such a device.
> Not really true.
> It _is_ possible to boot with the PCMCIA package, it's just a bit
> harder.
> Use an initrd with a scaled-down PCMCIA package to solve it.

And where do you load this initrd image from?

I am talking about systems that don't have  any  (significant)  flash
onboard.  For  instance,  we have such a setup running on boards with
just 512 kB EPROM (right, EPROM, not flash).  We  have  to  load  the
kernel  and  anything  else  over the PCMCIA interface. I don't see a
ways how this can be done with the normal PCMCIA package.

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