kernel support of MPC8XX series

Leonard Ye leonard_ye at
Mon Apr 2 19:00:22 EST 2001


Thanks for your information.  For the embedded system that I am going to
develop, kernel 2.4 and PCMCIA is a must.  Have you get them working on
MPC8XX platform, especially MPC855?  I have read the HOWTO, it just tell me
MPC8XX is support without any specific information.

Leonard Ye

At 03:47 PM 3/30/2001, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
>Hi Leonard,
>in message < at> you wrote:
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> > Just want to ask a very simple question. How is the kernel support on
> > MPC8XX series, especially on the MPC855 and MPC860? I will be very happy if
> > kernel 2.4 can be used and PCMCIA is support as well.
>Kernel support for the 8xx has been available for well over 2  years.
>We use it in many customer projects.
>PCMCIA support is available, too, but need some  work,  depending  on
>hwat  you  are  going  to  do.  For  most embedded systems the PCMCIA
>package is just overkill, so simpler solutions may  be  useful  -  we
>have done this for storage devices (hard disks, CompactFlash, etc.).
>Feel free to ask if you need details.
>In the meantime, check the excellent embedded PPC FAQ at
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