MII PHY support?

Jim Chapman jim.chapman at bigwig.net
Mon Apr 2 03:28:34 EST 2001

Is anyone working on adding MII PHY support?

I've implemented support for my custom 8260 board which has a quad enet
phy. Now I'm about to add code into fcc_enet.c to handle things like
link autonegotiation and state changes. But before I go too far, I
thought it would be useful to find out if I am about to duplicate work.

I'm not ready to publish anything yet; I already have generic MII
support (not ppc specific) with hooks to phy device specific drivers and
architecture dependent h/w interface (i.e. board dependent 8260 MDIO).
Over time, new phy device drivers could be added and support for other
boards too. I envisage new ioctls to control/view the phy, and patching
ifconfig to use them.

Please let me know if you know of similar work.



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