PCMCIA Card Service

Nguyen Xuan Hoang jerry.nguyen at serialsystem.com.sg
Thu Nov 30 10:03:54 EST 2000

Hi Matthew,

Thank very much for your info. I have look at your patch but it seems not
solving our problem. I would like explain more:

-  From my investigation is: there's one confliction of the interrupt:

1. The PCMCIA card service (m8xx_pcmcia) register it's interrupt handler by
    request_8xxirq(pcmcia_schlvl, m8xx_interrupt, 0, "m8xx_pcmcia", NULL);
   well, that seems logical.

2. But when an PCMCIA card plug in, it remap the memory and route it's
interrupt to the system interrupt (of course only one PCMCIA interrupt). The
problem is most of  driver using REQUEST_8XXIRQ to register the handler. For
Example the FLASH card will call IDE driver, IDE driver will call
IDE_REQUEST_IRQ to register ide_intr.
As I saw the IDE_REQUEST_IRQ call REQUEST_8XXIRQ with PCMCIA interrupt. It
fails because the interrupt already occupy by PCMCIA (see step 1).

I may be wrong...please give me some advices

Thank in advances.

> yeah, I have done it.  use my patches on
> ftp://ftp.mvista.com/pub/Area51/ppc_8xx.  I still have not done a
> README, but if you have a MV support contract just contact support and
> they will help you out.

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