PCMCIA Card Service

Nguyen Xuan Hoang jerry.nguyen at serialsystem.com.sg
Wed Nov 29 13:57:56 EST 2000


I'm trying to get the PCMCIA CardService  running on an mpc823 board
(RPX Lite). I pick up the code from Jo-Ellen Mathews of AbsoluteValue
Systems,and I can do something like remap memory, read data from IO
port...But end up with IRQ probe fail (I start with PCMCIA Flash Card).  I
did an investigating and find out the reason, that is PCMCIA card service
already occupy the PCMCIA interrupt and I can not use request_8xxirq to
register another handler .

I am thinking that I may have to rewrite request_8xxirq and pcmcia interrupt
handler to solve this case. Is there any better solution? Have any one have
done it? I am very appreciated for any help.

Thank in advances

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