HHL: RMON, SIMM programmer, and flash booting

Brian Ford ford at vss.fsi.com
Sat Nov 18 08:32:43 EST 2000

I must be blind as I can't find the RMON program for the EST-8260 on
the mvista ftp site as they describe here in the lsp README:

The RMON program, srecord loader and SIMM programmer are available on
  the MontaVista FTP site and are included on the CDK CD.

I found the srecord loader, but I don't know where to find the SIMM
programmer either.  Can someone give me a hint?  When I find RMON, I
think I can burn it with my VisionICE-II.

Second question.  Does HHL supply any instructions or code to boot
directly from flash, or do I have to figure it out myself from the mailing
list archives and the HOWTO?  What I am looking for is the initial
code to set things up before calling zImage.  Does anyone have any
pointers or code to share for this?  I mean without DHCP and an NFS root
file system.  I know about the initial RAM disk, which brings me to my
last question (for now).

I also can't find the example initial RAM disk mentioned in the HOWTO

An example ramdisk.image.gz is already included in the Hard Hat kit.

Or is this figurative?  Meaning I have to make one on the target from the
NFS mounted file system?

Thanks for your help.

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