kernel 2.4 on Galileo Evaluation board

Rabeeh Khoury rabeeh at
Fri Nov 17 00:31:49 EST 2000

Hi All,

I have just started porting kernel 2.4 to Galileo Technology evaluation
board, and I'm new to PowerPC architectures (intending to start with the

I have few questions so if possible please answer even part of them :

1.. What reference is the best in the kernel's source tree that I can
see that will be a good refernece for our embedded system ?
2.. The kernel is compiled to 0xc0000000 - what should I do with this
address ? should I set a BAT for translating this address to address 0x0 ?
3.. In run time - which of the MMU features the kernel uses ? BATs ,
Page tables (ofcourse) , segements ? and how they interact together ?
4.. Did any one try SMP in kernel 2.4 in PPC platforms ? and if yes ,
please drop few words regarding it !
5.. If you have a documentation regarding the booting process in ppc
platforms (especially the kernel download and firing it up process)
please send me the link.

Thank a million,

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