plain 2.2.17 works on mvme2604 - learning more

jlhagen at jlhagen at
Fri Nov 10 04:31:50 EST 2000


First thanks for the nfs suggestions. The 'root=/tftpboot/ rw '
works as expected.

Second I got a response back from someone using a fresh ( 2.2.17
build on their mvme2303 boards( thanks xavier) . So I gave it a shot and
picked up the arch/ppc/boot/zImage and it loads/boots just fine. It is also
mounting the NFS root file system as expected.

So I just wanted to put this in the list for others to find.  I hope this
is not an indication of duplication of effort on Gabriel's and ppc kernel
hackers. That would be wasting too much talent.


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