PpcBoot running but not the linux kernel?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Nov 8 10:26:18 EST 2000

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In message <585D9BAABBE7D211A2B00000F8050AAF759A09 at thebrain.drs.ca>
Utku Karaaslan wrote:
> I have ported the ppcboot to our custom board and everything runs correctly
> except


> the linux kernel :). Basically, it fails to start (no output, just hangs)
> and upon checking
> with the BDM debugger (Lauterbach) I found out that it was failing right
> after the mmu
> initialization (in head.S). The IMMR location given in the kernel matches

Please see the "Linux for PowerPC Embedded Systems HOWTO", especially

Most probably you need to set DER to a value that allows Linux to use
the MMU without causing debug events; 0x2002000f  is  a  pretty  good
value to use.

Also, please note that AFAIK the Lauterbach debugger does not support
the MMU. It will not be helpful to debug Linux kernel or driver code.

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