How do I get the c++ compiler

Cal Erickson cal_erickson at
Tue Nov 7 08:19:06 EST 2000

The .ppc.rpm packages are built to run on a Yellow Dog host.
MontaVista has not made the compilers/assembler/linker
available to run on the target hardware. The reason for this
is the requirement for temporary files and space considerations.


John Jones wrote:

> How do I get the c++ compiler on the nfs drive?  I have an Embedded
> Planet clcc.
> I try to install the: hhl-ppc_8xx-c++-2.95.2-13.ppc.rpm by running the
> command
> rpm -ihv hhl-ppc_8xx-c++-2.95.2-13.ppc.rpm (from my i386 host machine)
> and Iget the error: package hhl-ppc_8xx-c++-2.95.2-13 is for a different
> architecture.
> I have already installed the i386 version, but I think that is just for
> my i386 host, right?
> Am I supposed to install the ppc.rpm FROM the target machine?  It does
> not seem to
> have the rpm program to do so.
> Thanks.
> -John
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