Kernel 2.2.14 and SMC2 on an 823/850

Kim Jørgensen KIJ at
Wed Nov 1 01:56:48 EST 2000


There seems to be an error in uart.c from mvista kernel 2.2.14.

If "Alternate SMC pins" is selected, SMC2 gets enabled like this (line 2772
in uart.c):

/* SMC2 is on Port A.
	iobits = 0x300;
	immap->im_ioport.iop_papar |= iobits;
	immap->im_ioport.iop_padir &= ~iobits;
	immap->im_ioport.iop_paodr &= ~iobits;

According to the User's Manual (and to Dan
bit 8 and 9 should be set in papar, and cleared in padir, to make SMC2 work
on an 823/850.

iobits should be set to 0xC0 and not 0x300.

Kim Jorgensen

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