ioctl constants

Chris Hallinan clh at
Thu Mar 30 03:55:48 EST 2000

Graham Stoney wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Chris Hallinan writes:
> > I'm using kernel 2.2.13 and a slightly modified version of serial.c to
> > operate an additional 16550 device at a non-standard i/o address.
> ...
> > I've studied the related header files: the constants used in serial.c
> > are hard coded in asm/ioctls.h.  (Two examples are TIOCGSERIAL and
> > TIOCSSERIAL for get/set_serial_info).  I've grepped for these values,
> > and don't see anywhere where they are re-defined.  Virtually every ioctl
> > that hits the driver has a bad value.
> OK, here's a completely wild guess for you: is it possible that your
> application is including asm-i386/ioctls.h instead of asm-ppc/ioctls.h?
> You should get the right one if your linux/include/asm symlink is set
> correctly and your application goes:
>     #include <sys/ioctl.h>
> Perhaps somewhere along the line they're getting mixed.
> Regards,
> Graham

Thanks for the replies.  As it turns out, at least on my system, the
constants in asm-i386/ioctls.h and asm-ppc/ioctls.h are identical.  They
define values such as TIOCGSERIAL = 0x541e and TIOCSSERIAL = 0x541f.
The "errant" ioctl() commands hitting the driver look like 0x7413 (I
determined that one is get_serial, and 0x7414 (that one appears to be

Other unknown cmd values hitting the driver include 0x744d, 0x745a,
0x7451, 0x7459 and 0x744b.  It should be possible to determine what
these mean by evaluating the _IOR and _IOW macros, I just haven't had
time to do this.

There appears to be an 'old' and 'new' way to specify these IOCTL
constants.  For example:

I wrote a simple program which uses tcgetattr() and even that sends
"errant" ioctl cmds into my serial.o module.

I'm guessing that someone has figured out a way to make both schemes
work in one system.  Any ideas?

-Chris Hallinan
DS4.COM, Inc.


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