Booting Linux on MPC860ADS with BOOTP and TFTP?

Eisenzopf Thomas thomas.eisenzopf at
Wed Mar 29 00:05:09 EST 2000


Does anyone know a bootloader for the MPC860ADS board, which supports
booting Linux using BOOTP and TFTP to get the kernel and using NFS for the
root file system?

Currently I´m trying to get the board running using 8xxROM from Raphael
Bossek, but unfortunately my ADS board has only 2MB flash (not enough for a
ROM_DISK option) and I have no PCMCIA flash card.

BTW: Wherefrom can I get a root filesystem if I buy a ATA flash card? How
big should this flash card be? Is a Sandisk compact flash with a PCMCIA
adapter ok?

Is there any alternative for my limited flash memory? (Put the kernel in the
flash, but mount the root filesystem with NFS?).

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