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Tue Mar 28 21:40:14 EST 2000

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> My primary aim is not to gain speed or to save money, although this is
> important for my application too.
> By fetching opcodes from flash I expect more stability in temperature- and
> emc-critical environement, for data in "ROM" is saver than in RAM. Of corse,
> there is always run-time critical data in RAM (processor stack), but the
> probability of "irrepairable" errors should decrease by runnig from flash.

A crash is a crash is a crash...

If you have memory errors, your system is bound to  crash  sooner  or
later, no matter if it hits the program code, or the stack, or data.

What's the difference between a crash because of a bad opcode or  one
because of a division by zero because of faulty data?

Black magic...

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