Looking for Best 860xx/RPX development boards

Rodney Davies RodneyD at nulec.com.au
Tue Mar 28 15:03:36 EST 2000


I'm now looking to discover which 860xx/RPX (Embedded Planet) boards are
proving to be of great success.

Up until recent, I have been playing with an MPC850/RPXLite config with
moderate success - I have a kernel, filesystem (NFS) and the compiler
working (moderately).

I want to move to the 860 with _a_ board (Embedded Planet), but am unsure of
which board/config of theirs I should obtain...RPXLite, Classic etc etc??
Could someone please provide an indication of levels of
success/reliability/failures they have had with various 860's and boards??

Hope things are working well for you all...

Thanks in advance!


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