www.ppc.kernel.org and gcc for PPC(Cross Compiler) ...

Gilbert Coville gilbert at mvista.com
Sat Mar 25 08:05:42 EST 2000

Young-Han Kim wrote:
>   Nowadays, have you been visit the http://www.ppc.kernel.org ?
>   Currently, I can't access the www.ppc.kernel.org...
>   If someone know the reason, please answer to me...
>   I want to find the gcc compiler(base on i386) for PPC(Cross Compiler).
>   If someone know the site, please answer to me...
>   Thanks for in advance !

Michael Manousos wrote:
> Sources and info about the setup of a cross-compiling environment
> can be found on the site below:
> http://members.home.net/mmporter/linux/cross/

Grant Erickson wrote:
>And also at:
>	http://www.lcse.umn.edu/~grant/Linux/cross.html

Or alternatively, you may be able to use the pre-built RPMS in the
MontaVista Cross Development Kit:



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