Anyone tried 2.3.99.pre?

Zirong WANG at
Sat Mar 25 03:23:54 EST 2000

Hi everybody,

Cort Dougan wrote:
> The latest v2.3.99-pre3-pre7 works on PPC.  8xx doesn't work since it's not
> finished in 2.3.

I am just wondering when this release will be merged in the tree for easy downloading. I am looking for a version
of PPC linux that deals well with IDE disk on my MTX board.

> } Just was curious and was wondering if anyone has
> } been following the 2.3 kernel development.  2.3.99.pre
> } is out, and so it appears as if 2.4 is imminent.
> } Does the 2.3.99.pre-anything work out of the box
> } on some powerpc?  I realize this probably isn't
> } quite appropriate for the embedded list, but it's
> } the list that I spend most of my time around right now.

I have tried the 2.3.99.pre3 (from, of 24 mars), I could not
even compile it on my MTX 603 machine which works well with 2.2.13,
except for IDE disks.

The compile error is about ncr53c8xx.c with 'base_io' not defined.


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