kernel executing from flash

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Fri Mar 24 20:54:18 EST 2000

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> > all Linux I know will be copied during startup from Harddisk,
> NFS or Flash to RAM and will be executed there.
> > Is there a possibility for smaller systems to run the
> > kernel directly from flash memory as other embedded os's do?
> Did somebody try this or is it totaly impossible?
> It may be possible, but usually it does not make much sense - to  run
> the  kernel directly from FLASH you must store an uncompressed kernel
> image there, so you need  more  FLASH.  Given  the  price  difference
> between  FLASH  and  DRAM  memory is often cheaper to uncompress into
> RAM, and run from RAM.
not to mention that DRAM is usually faster than FLASH...


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