problem of port rtlinux3.0 for mpc to 2.2.13 kernel

Cort Dougan cort at
Fri Mar 24 07:28:59 EST 2000

You're going to have trouble porting rtlinux3.0 to a 2.2 kernel.  It was
designed around 2.3 and we haven't backported it to 2.2 yet.  If there's
enough interest we may do that, though.

Would you be willing to give 2.3.x a try?

}     these days I have do some working for port rtlinux3.0 for mpc860 to 2.2.13 kernel. I has modified the __cli __sti etc, and the kernle is runing ok in our embed 860 board. but when I insmod the rtl.o the kernel killed the process by SIGSEGV "pid 7: killed (signal 11)". I have traced the kernel ,and find when in function "do_page_fault" to call "find_vma", but no vma can finded.
}     anybody has good advie for this problem.

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