root nfs boot problems

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Mar 22 06:28:53 EST 2000

In message <Pine.SGI.3.95.1000321111628.2421C-100000 at> you wrote:
> I don't believe the "neighbour table overflow" errors are the problem.  I
> get them frequently but otherwise have success.

I have never seen such errors when the ethernet  inrface  is  working

> It looks like a problem on your nfs server.  The "unable to get nfsd port
> number from server" and "unable to get mountd port number from server"
> messages indicate that at minimum, the portmapper is not running on your
> server.  Perhaps mountd and/or nfsd are also not running.

Well, IMHO it's more likely that no packets were  ever  sent  to  the
ethernet  at  all.  This  type  of problemppens for instance when the
Transmit Enable signal is not asserted.

It might be useful to check with a sniffer if the box is transmitting
at all...

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