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Joe Green jgreen at
Fri Mar 17 09:05:24 EST 2000

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Jo-Ellen F. Mathews wrote:
> I've been working on porting our 11Mb wireless LAN device driver to
> Embedded Planet's nifty RPX-Lite (MPC823) board.  I've been using Embedded
> Planet's wonderful, new Linux Planet development kit which includes
> MontaVista's Hard Had Linux 1.0.  I'm loving this kit!
> I'm using the cross compiler provided on MontaVista's cd, and I've been
> very successful at compiling the default kernel and a few, simple
> programs.
> The most direct approach (okay, and quickest/easiest) is to keep the
> wireless lan driver as a loadable module dependent on pcmcia card
> services.  Before attempting to use Magnus Damm's pcmcia patches and
> kernel modifications to support pcmcia, I first need to recompile my
> kernel for module support.
> With CONFIG_MODULES enabled (regardless of what CONFIG_MODVERSIONS or
> CONFIG_KMOD are set to), I get the following errors:

If you can wait, we'll be fixing this in an upcoming kernel package.
It's mostly a matter of adding additional configuration information
(e.g., some symbols are only present if CONFIG_PCI).

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