860T interrupts in serial.c

Mike Flynn mflynn at enerdyne.com
Tue Mar 14 05:05:54 EST 2000

We are attempting to add a quad UART, a TI TL16C554FN, to our mother board
which hosts an Embedded Planet 860T-based CLLF and our video
encoder/decoder. Dan Malek wrote EP's uart.c which supports the SMCs/SCCs on
the 860T. We are looking at serial.c which was intended to support Intel
platforms. We prefer to use edge-triggered interrupts, but will live with
the default, level-triggered interrupts, to get this thing going and avoid,
for now, setting the SIEL register of the 860. Does anyone have a clue what
serial.c requires as an interrupt vector supporting a generic serial.c
device such as the TI UART (just one port for now) under an 860T?

in routine: startup

	retval = request_8xxirq(state->irq, handler, IRQ_t(state),"serial",

What should we put here?

Thank you profusely.
Mike Flynn

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