IDE disk problem with MTX 603

Zirong WANG at
Mon Mar 6 23:43:10 EST 2000

Hi everybody,

I am trying hardly to make work my ide disk on my MTX 603 machine,
---> without success.

I have installed 2.2.10 on my MTX 603 on a SCSI disk. I compiled
the kernel with ide support enabled and reboot with PPCBug

What I get during the boot time is something like:

  IDE timing: 00000909, resetting to PIO0 timing
  IDE control/status register: 00ff0091
  hda: Conner Peripherals 1275MB - CFS1276A, ATA DISK drive
  ide0: Disabled unable to get IRQ 16.

By the way, when using kernel 2.2.14, the IDE disk detection seems to
go further, but the scsi disk detection enters a infinite
timeout/reset loop.

So I am stuck,

any suggestion?

Zirong WANG  Oce Industries  1, rue Jean Lemoine 94015 Creteil France

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