reset of the CPM

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Thu Mar 2 19:14:24 EST 2000


In linux v2.2.12 release (and till in 2.3.47):
commproc.c is a file of  8xx_io directory
dealing with general purpose functions for the
global management of the MPC860 Communication Processor Module.

In  function void m8xx_cpm_reset(uint host_page_addr) following code is
disabled :
#ifdef notdef
 /* We can't do this.  It seems to blow away the microcode
  * patch that EPPC-Bug loaded for us.  EPPC-Bug uses SCC1 for
  * Ethernet, SMC1 for the console, and I2C for serial EEPROM.
  * Our own drivers quickly reset all of these.

 /* Perform a reset.
 commproc->cp_cpcr = (CPM_CR_RST | CPM_CR_FLG);

 /* Wait for it.
 while (commproc->cp_cpcr & CPM_CR_FLG);

What is the role of this patch?
and then on a reset or when a NMI exception is generated, does that
mean  that no reset of the CPM must ever be done.

Thanks for your help!

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