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> AFAIK the MPC860 µP's are designed especially to be used with existing
> telecom- designs, including existing ISDN chipsets. There should be support
> for SIEMENS' GCI(2) bus and the motorola own bus (forgot the name). There is
> also HDLC functionality in the CPM so that you are not forced to use an
> external framer.

Right, you can handle all this using the SCC's.  I  know  of  several
commercial  solutions  that  do  exactly that. Unfortunately, I don't
know of an Open Source project.

In our case we estimated  that  it  would  be  easier  (in  terms  of
development  effort)  to  interface  an  external  framer, and re-use
existing isdn4linux code as much as possible. Also,  using  a  PCMCIA
prototype  card,  it's  much  easier  to sort out some other problems
lioke endianess by running the same code  on  very  similar  hardware
both on the MPC8xx target and on a normal x86 laptop.

> I didnt actually integrate such things yet, but it is a spare time project I
> want to start one day.

Just let me know if you have any free manpower to offer :-)

> In isdn4linux there should be code to access some of the siemens chips (the
> ones most of the passive PC- isdn- cards are based on). Perhaps there could
> be some driver code you could base your design on.

That's what we're doing.

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