How to debug MMU on powerpc?

Gong Zhuo gongzhuo at
Fri Jun 30 17:55:40 EST 2000

  I am using MVME2600 and debug my program through serial port. I must use
MMU for some reasons and the virtual address and physical address is not
consistent. That means virtual address 0 maybe physical address 0xc000. I
have used BAT method. All the mapping is finished in assembly language and I
have make the cross-compile , gdb for powerpc-eabi. But how can I link and
debug my program?
  1. If I link my program with virtual address , the code before the mmu is
opened will be linked with the virtual address but they should run in the
physical address.
  2. The powerpc-eabi-gdb will load my program to the entry-point of virtual
address, but the mmu has not been opened at that time.

Gong Zhuo

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