FEC performance on the 855T/860T

Graham Stoney greyham at research.canon.com.au
Thu Jun 29 22:09:13 EST 2000

Hi gang,

Thanks to all your help, our custom 855T hardware is now up and running, and
it's time to do some system profiling & tuning. The first bottleneck to stand
out is that the FEC port isn't going as fast as we'd like. A simple socket
based tcp client/server setup which repeatedly send's from another machine and
simply recv's data without processing it in user space at all only gets just
over 3 Mbytes/s between two machines connected via a 100 Mbps switch.

There was some discussion on the mailing list last December regarding FEC
throughput on the 860T. For example, see:

Our Embedded Planet CLLF860T boards fair even worse, getting around
2.7 Mbytes/s over the FEC, which tells me that it's not a problem with our
hardware. This is less than a third of its theoretical peak, and I'm
wondering if anyone has had a closer look at where the bottleneck with the
FEC lies?

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