Zirong Wang zirong.wang at ocegr.fr
Thu Jun 29 01:46:16 EST 2000

Jamie Guinan wrote:
> There was a thread back in November about getting IDE going on
> an MBX,
> http://lists.linuxppc.org/listarcs/linuxppc-embedded/199911/msg00054.html
> Did anyone make any progress on this?  Meaning, is there a recent
> kernel with working IDE-on-MBX.  I know its an oddball combination,
> but I just wanted to check.
> With a few tweaks to MontaVista 2.2.13, I get as far as seeing,
> W82C105: IDE controller on PCI bus 00 dev 19
> W82C105: not 100% native mode: will probe irqs later
> SL82C105 command word: 5
> IDE timing: 00000909, resetting to PIO0 timing
> SL82C105 command word: 5
> IDE timing: 000003e4, resetting to PIO0 timing

I had a similar problem with a MTX board (not MBX), and the final
thing that deblocked the situation was by changing the file

I simply enabled the winbond by changing the line

  pci_write_pci_config_dword(dev,0x40,0x10ff08a1) to


I am not sure for your case since this line is enclosed between
"#ifndef CONFIG_MBX", maybe you can try put the line outside the
"ifdef" construct?

I had changed the 0x44 register's value to 0x0260:

hope this helps

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