Image caching/swap bugs

Dan Malek dan at
Tue Jun 27 08:53:51 EST 2000

Whitney, John wrote:

> I have a 2.2.15 kernel running on a proprietary board

You shouldn't be using 2.2.15 with 8xx.  I am not going to discuss
the history right now, but the only reliable verion of 2.2.xx Linux
is the 2.2.13 version on the MontaVista Web site (
This is the only one I am maintaining, have patched and verified it
works.  I am updating this to 2.2.14, only to match the rest of
the MontaVista packages so it can be built and tested along with
other platforms.  If there are some specific features of later
releases you think you need (and I don't know of any that affect 8xx),
please let me know.

	-- Dan

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