using ISA interrupts on MBX821

Matthias Fuchs matthias.fuchs at
Tue Jun 27 02:53:24 EST 2000


I want to get a driver for a PC ISA card running on the MBX board under
I am using Motorola's adapter board to interface the ISA card on the MBX
board. The driver is working fine
on x86 platforms. I can also communicate to the io registers on the ISA

But ... I cannot get interrupts working. The ISA card uses irq 13
(others are possible), since this is free on the MBX.
What do I have to pass to the request_irq call as interrupt number ? Is
13 ok ?

Do I have to think about any other differences concerning the PPC
platform ?

Some infos: Linux kernel 2.2.13 from Monta-Vista, no PCI support present
in kernel because of the known bug in the QSPAN.

Can anybody give me some advice ? Do I have to think about something
special on my platform ?


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