Software Emulation Panic,

Lucinda Schafer lucsch at
Fri Jun 23 06:39:17 EST 2000

The results of the backtrace are as follows :

 C0016204  put_dirty_page
 C0016A98  handle_mm_fault
 C0009098  do_page_fault
 C0002544  _switch
 018A4490  ???
 300E88A4  ???
 0180C6D4  ???
 0180C5D8  ???
 01803250  ???
 01802B64  ???
 01801D80  ???

Which order are these called? I haven't been able to link all four together,
although I do know that  do_page_fault calls handle_mm_fault, the scheduler
calls _switch,  execve calls put_dirty_page via load_elf_binary. This all
happens during the rc.sysinit.

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Lucinda Schafer wrote:
> When I get a kernel panic I see:
> NIP: 00001FFC XER: 8000FF7F LR: 00000988 REGS: c0e87c90 TRAP: 1000
> MSR: 00001000 EE: 0 PR: 0 FP: 0 ME: 1 IR/DR: 00
> TASK = c0e86000[7] 'rc.sysinit' mm->pgd c0e8b000 Last syscall: 67
> last math 00000000
> GPR00: 00000000 C0E87D40 C0E86000 C0E87D50 0189EE34 C0133404 C0E88278
> C0E8B000
> GPR08: C00DA634 00FBA9E1 00FBA9E1 00FBA9E1 3555F593 018A31D0 00000000
> 00000D08
> GPR16: 000000C1 01005000 0100A400 00300008 00001032 00E87D40 C00162F0
> 00009032
> GPR24: 0189EE34 C0E88278 C0615760 00FBA8A1 C0FBA000 C0E86000 C0F5F000
> C0132510

Look at the addresses that are of the form 0xCxxxxxxx in the backtrace, they
may give you a clue:

> Call backtrace:
> C0E87DF0 C0016204 C0016A98 C0009098 C0002544 018A4490 300E88A4
> 0180C6D4 0180C5D8 01803250 01802B64 01801D80
> Instruction DUMP:
> If the NIP = 00001FFC, then where is that? That is in the middle of
> "Trap_1f" according to the
> In the call backtrace, how do I know what addresses such as 018a4490 or
> 300e88a4 fall? only has C000000++?
> Please be patient with me. I am still learning. I really need to figure
> what is going on here. I come from the world of 8051 assembly programmed
> into ROM. Memory management, task switching, and embedded operating
> are new to me.
> Lucinda Schafer
> Staff Software Engineer
> Adaptive Micro-Ware, Inc.

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