Can't mmap the top 1MB of /dev/mem?

Frank Smith smith at
Fri Jun 23 04:14:31 EST 2000

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, Mark S. Mathews wrote:

> Hi Dan (and all),
> I've been playing w/ mmap for flash and nvram access on the rpxlite(MV
> derived kernel). One thing I've noticed is that it won't let me mmap the
> top 1MB of the address space.  I'm guessing that the region isn't
> represented in the MMU stuff or this is a deliberate block in the /dev/mem
> driver.
> I've done a little digging on my own and haven't found the cause.  Can
> anyone point me to the right file/function(s)?

include/asm/processor.h: -------------------------------------------------

#define TASK_SIZE    (0x80000000UL)

mm/mmap.c: ---------------------------------------------------------------

unsigned long do_mmap(struct file * file, unsigned long addr, unsigned
long len,
        unsigned long prot, unsigned long flags, unsigned long off)
        if (len > TASK_SIZE || addr > TASK_SIZE-len)
                return -EINVAL;


Wouldn't this account for it?  I'm not sure where your top 1M of
address space is on your board, but the DY4 board I'm working on
has flash up around 0xfe000000. And we ran into the same problem trying
to map our flash.

We solved the problem in a roundabout way by doing what we need to do
from inside the kernel, calling remap_page_range() directly like
mmap_mem() [drivers/char/mmap.c] does.


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