MMU problems?

Dan Malek dan at
Fri Jun 23 01:58:14 EST 2000

Patrick Lerda wrote:
> Have you tried to do complex operation on a 8xx board like compiling the
> kernel.

Yes, and it runs just like any other system that doesn't have any
swap space and a minimal amount of memory.  Some things just don't
work well, and applications fail because few test for memory allocation

Are there bugs?  Perhaps.  Do I want them fixed?  Yes.

Do you want to help this FREE software effort?  If you are so sure
there is an MMU bug, find it, fix it, and send me the patch.  We would
all be grateful.  If you want dedicated help to assist your custom
product development so you can make money, you may have to pay one
of the very capable embedded Linux companies for this attention.


	-- Dan

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