RFC: Embedded Linux Page

Mark Hatle fray at gate.crashing.org
Tue Jun 20 12:40:54 EST 2000

I hate replying to myself, but if you work for a hardware or software
vendor that would like a link from these pages, let your company know.
What I'm currently looking for is a logo (preferably jpeg), a small blurb
on what the company does.  (Remember all of this should be relative to

--Mark Hatle

Mark Hatle wrote:
> As some of you are aware, the LinuxPPC.org site is being redone.  I have
> convinced them that an embedded section is needed.  They agreed.  And now
> I have the responsibility to fill it and maintain it.
> Currently I am thinking of having a FAQ section, Processor Compatability
> list, Hardware manufacturer page, Software Page (this like CDKs and
> embedded distributions), and news relavent to PPC Embedded Linux.

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