mpc8bug startup problems

t.shantha.laxmi at t.shantha.laxmi at
Mon Jun 19 16:10:08 EST 2000

You need to add the .rej file which comes with the s/w, into the registry. I
think using Win 95 is a better option. I used Win 95.

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-> Subject: mpc8bug startup problems
-> I am trying to connect to my Motorola FADS 823 board using
-> mpc8bug on an NT
-> host. I followed the instructions in the readme of the
-> mpc8bug correctly.
-> But for some reason, when I try and run the mpc8bug, it gives up an
-> Application error window which starts that mpc8bug was not
-> initialized
-> properly(0xc000005). I am not able to figure out where the
-> actual problem
-> is. I did set up the ADI address and the ADS address.
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